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Standard Base Filesystem v1.1

Release Date: Nov 19 2014

Size: 185MB

Download: StdBaseFS_1.1s01.7z

MD5 Hashsum: bd869897e6dc5e321e4072a6a074bfaf




The new Horus frontend built upon the Horus API.


StdBaseFS login and motd (with blue theme on).

Installation video:


  1. Downgraded insserv to HaXToR version.

  2. Added handlers for custom variables in backend.parm.

  3. Added a curses frontend for Horus using the Horus API.

  4. Added a contoller to the Horus API to govern the live environment initialization.

  5. Implemented OS parameters in controller (/etc/{lsb-release,os-release,issue,issue.net,compat/compatname})

  6. Added default messages in parser English dict file.

  7. Implemented parmeters file override to kernel cmd from live.cfg menu for syslinux.

  8. Upgraded OpenSSL to 1.0.1h-3 mitigating heartbleed [CVE-2014-0160] [FIXED EARLIER IN BUILDS PRIOR TO THIS ONE].

  9. Cleared residual config files in /etc.

  10. Increased buffer sizes in /etc/sysctl.conf .

  11. Fixed pre-controller package installation bug [syntax handling - wrong regexp reported by Hema of leo.sphinux.org].

  12. Upgraded bash to 4.3-9.1 mitigating shellshock vulnerability (CVE-2014-6271) [UPGRADED EARLIER THROUGH BRIOR BUILDS TO THIS BUILD DATE !!!].

  13. Fixed several bugs for Horus API.

  14. Added "Simple Mode" to pre-inst.squashfs [Internal request: project kredist codename: KleOS build a10 #63alpha10 ].