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We gladly announce that the newest version of StdBaseFS "Standard Base Filesystem is ready for download.
This build ships with the new Horus API, the Horus installer frontend and much more.
It's ready for download directly from here or through the RedistWizard client.

StdBaseFS installation process

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SphinUX was invited to participate at the Egyptian Engineering Day organized by IEEE Egypt which took place on September 9th,10th 2014.

Certificate of appreciation
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After 6 months of absence, M. Tharwat (Hardware Engineer at SphinUX Community) is back from a business trip to Kuwait.
Mohammad Tharwat has been a great asset to the SphinUX development team, with a Server architecture named after the 28 years old engineer (THARWAT I) and several embedded devices unpublished schemetics

M. Tharwat