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We gladly announce that the newest version of StdBaseFS "Standard Base Filesystem is ready for download.
This build ships with the new Horus API, the Horus installer frontend and much more.
It's ready for download directly from here or through the RedistWizard client.

StdBaseFS installation process


  1. Downgraded insserv to HaXToR's version.
  2. Added handlers for custom variables in backend.parm.
  3. Added a curses frontend for Horus using the Horus API.
  4. Added a contoller to the Horus API to govern the live environment initialization.
  5. Implemented OS parameters in controller (/etc/{lsb-release,os-release,issue,issue.net,compat/compatname})
  6. Added default messages in parser's English dict file.
  7. Fixed utscd messages.
  8. Hacked CFDISK to be used within Horus's frontend.
  9. Added horus-handler function to check power cord is connected.
  10. Added function to get parm file variables values. (affects backend, parser, handler).
  11. Added blu theme (blu: Be Less Unfriendly).
  12. Added function to move the live filesystem to RAM and eject the DVD/CD from tray.
  13. Added bidiv + configured console font to Arabic fixed 16.
  14. Fixed various bugs in the Horus API.
  15. Implemented random password for live user's remote login or installation.

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